Is it more expensive to adopt or have a surrogate?

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    hello, my Dh and I are considering having a baby but I can’t get pregnant due to total hysterectomy so we find ourselves balancing the pros and cons of surrogacy vs adoption because we actually don’t know what to do… but most importantly we need to get answers as regards the total cost of each. what can u tell us?

    06/12/2018 at 12:58
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    Sandra F.
    Surrogacy Specialist

    Hello nikkee78,

    Actually, we can say that surrogacy is significantly more expensive than adoption due to the additional fees for surrogate compensation and the IVF embryo transfer process. Moreover, there is no federal tax credit for surrogacy, while there is for adoption.

    However, with surrogacy you can use your eggs and sperm and still be the genetic parents of the baby-to-be, while this possibility doesn’t exist with adoption. But it’s up to you.

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    I hope I have been able to help,


    06/12/2018 at 16:56
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    Samantha Bill

    Surrogacy is affordable and preferred for the ladies which can’t conceive naturally. The clinic in Europe has affordable rates and anyone can consult them. Adoption has many complications and restrictions. Even your husband wouldn’t accept that child. But, the child through surrogacy is your own biological baby. Hope you will find the best option for you. Stay blessed.

    08/26/2018 at 11:29
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