How does IVF work for surrogacy?

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    Hello, my wife needs a surrogate due to MRKH syndrome but we still don’t understand how does surrogacy work if it’s with a surrogate… How do they put the baby on her? I thought surrogacy is only done via sex with another woman or artificial insemination….

    03/09/2018 at 15:01
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    Sandra F.
    Surrogacy Specialist

    Dear robert,

    No, the only technique used in surrogacy arrangements is not artificial insemination (AI). Not to speak about intercourse. Natural insemination is NEVER used as a fertilization method in surrogacy. The number of legal risks involved are too many. As for surrogacy using artificial insemination, that is, traditional surrogacy, this option is falling into disuse due to the number of risks involved as well.

    IVF surrogacy is perfectly possible. Let me explain you why. An embryo is created in the laboratory using your eggs and sperm (i.e. the eggs and sperm of the intended parents). The resulting embryo is transferred to the uterus of the surrogate. In classical IVF, the steps involved are the same, step the embryo transfer (the embryo is transferred back to the intended mother’s womb). The ultimate goal is to achieve a pregnancy in the surrogate. Once pregnant, she will carry the child until birth.

    Learn more: What Is IVF Surrogacy? – Process, Success Rates & Cost.

    I hope this helps,


    03/12/2018 at 09:50
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    Rana F

    Why only intercourse or intrauterine insemination? IVF with surrogacy is another option to do it.

    03/27/2018 at 07:17
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      Sandra F.
      Surrogacy Specialist

      Dear Rana F,

      One should not be confused and think that surrogacy is an assisted reproduction treatment that can be chosen as one’s first choice. Each treatment has its indications. For example, there’s no need for a woman who meets the minimum requirements for undergoing Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) to start with IVF the first time. Only if IUI doesn’t work after several attempts, her doctor would suggest to move on to IVF. And the same applies in the case of surrogacy, egg donation, sperm donation, etc.

      I recommend that you visit this post to learn more: Infertility & Surrogacy – What Are the Medical Reasons for Surrogacy?

      I hope I made myself clear,


      03/27/2018 at 07:52
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    Hey, Robert, I hope you are well. IVF is not what you think it is. It comes under the list of assisted conceptions. It is artificial insemination. Everything is done in an artificial manner. The egg and the sperm will be formed together into an embryo in the laboratory. Everything will be done in a very systematic manner. For the process make sure to visit a clinic with a high success rate. The doctors should be experienced. It is really important to research properly. My sister is planning to opt for IVF. She is going to be attending this meeting before she makes a decision. I have asked her to write down all her confusions down. This way she will not forget any important question. Attending seminars and conferences is really time-saving as well for the future.

    08/10/2018 at 15:00
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    Lydia Rusk

    Hi Robert! I think your wife is really doing a great job. I think surrogates are amazing women. So, yeah! Things work that way, They transfer it in Lab for IVF and they transfer it into women’s uterus or womb. Still, she explained well. STAY STRONG! There is nothing to be worried about. It’s very common and great cause. I hope she does an amazing job. Stay blessed both. xx

    08/10/2018 at 18:34
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    Sarah Agnis

    Hey Robert, Have you both been diagnosed thoroughly, by a medical specialist? You need to have specific indications of infertility, in order to attempt surrogacy. It’s an extensive legal process. I think the other two comments do make clear about what it is. You need to know that artificial insemination uses your sperm and your wife’s eggs to fertilize a baby. It is then transferred to the uterus of a healthy surrogate. The first thing that you need to know is you will need legal documents to attempt the whole process. The surrogate should be registered, healthy and financially sound. If not, at least paid well by the agency. So she can take care of herself and the baby.

    08/28/2018 at 18:40
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    MRKH is an infertility disease. I am sorry that your wife has this disease. Surrogacy is a safe procedure. And surrogacy is done two ways, with intended mother eggs and intended father eggs. The other way of the eggs are not viable then the egg donation is taken place. I have seen couples having succesfull surrogacy with i diffuclty. So, I would suggest you to go for gestational surrogacy. This will definlty will work out for you

    08/28/2018 at 21:03
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